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Webpage for development logs for GSoC 2015

Community Bonding Period

TODO list

  • figure out if there is any major difference between .csg and .scad, except of expressions and modules
  • figure out what parser to use (if it’s yacc/bison or re2c or any other, I’ll get involved and research what benefits does each offer)
  • figure out how to use it, have a very simple demo set up within BRL-CAD build hooks

15 May Update

- made wiki pages for account, proposal, logs

- reread participation expectations and HACKING

- came up with the following grammar for parsing group() functions:

expr -> group_begin token group_end

token -> group_content token | expr

where group_begin is "group() {"

token is [a-z]+ "("*")";

and group_end is "}"

- looked over other BRL-CAD importer re2c lemon parsers ( wfobj and dom2dox) in order to understand how to integrate mine into BRL-CAD but with no luck so far

- currently investigating perplex tool and how is it used and integrated over the re2c layer

17 May

- dom2dox is not compiling with the rest of BRL-CAD's code so its CMakeFiles can not be used as an example of an integration of a re2c lemon parser

18 May

- cleared some empty holes in my understanding of the .csg OpenSCAD files format due to a thread on their mailing list regarding just that; it seems that there will be a new function added to the language soon, called trace() and also OpenSCAD2 will implement some changes in the existing methods

- got some help compiling dom2dox from Kalpit

24 May

- today was my birthday and I celebrated by erasing BRL-CAD and rebuilt it from svn sources to have a fresh start of Coding Period

Coding Period

Week 1

25 May : read about the lemon parser, tried to develop some simple numerical calculations in order to attain some skill using it

26 May : applied Cliff's csg makefile integration patch to my machine, built BRL-CAD successfully

27 May : small progress on the lemon tutorial , been occupied with school exam

28 May : finished the lemon tutorial, got some understanding of how lemon parsing is done, I have now a fully working calculator parser

29 May : not much work done today, posted an email on the mailing list with conclusions regarding the last few days work on lemon parser calculator