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Name: Amritpal Singh

IRC Nick: Amritpal


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Brief Background Information

I am B.Tech. (3rd year), Information Technology (IT) student of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, India. Proficient in writing code in C/C++, Python, bash scripting and recently also worked on Open-source Mathematical Software System (SageMath).

I also worked on Structure Information Modeling (SIM) and made a parser to store contents of STAAD PRO files into MySQL database. User can provide building specifications (for example) through web browser and at the back-end, FreeCAD macros use these input values to draw different views of the building on different drawing sheets. To support 3D rendering on the web browser, an option is provided to convert FreeCAD native file format (.FCStd) to WebGL format.


I also developed a Python script for AutoCAD to change the dimensions in a DXF file with a defined increment. Currently, I am working on code compliance on IFC files using parsing functionality of IfcOpenShell using Python.