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'''12-13 August''':<ul><li>Added detail description icons of Striaght, LShape and Stirrup rebar (made by thschrader). [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/e18c04a066cb2725de3643e4e6b747952b11efb0 Commit]</li>
<li>Added rebar tool dropdown list icons of bent shape and helical rebar (made by Yorik). [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/2de16ede89c889b8661b90a5ed62d38c57bba32b Commit]</li>
<li>Created first wiki page on UShape rebar. [https://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/Arch_Rebar_UShape Link]</li></ul>
'''14-18 August''':<ul><li>Added help icon in all rebar dialogs. [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/0b1b5268763d65bd9400516366c6139a179d5395 Commit]</li>
<li>Updated detailed description icon of helical rebar. [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/9946f98d5074e96908eb2cab5cae5c7bcc664241 Commit]</li>
<li>Replace Circular Stirrup name to Helical Rebar. [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/6051eae0f588ea6d7f7f051a95ffe975326cbc51 Commit]</li>
<li>Created wiki pages(user documentation) for all rebar shapes. See given below:
<ul><li>Straight Rebar: [https://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/Arch_Rebar_Straight User_Documentation]</li>
<li>UShape Rebar:[https://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/Arch_Rebar_UShape User_Documentation]</li>
<li>LShape Rebar: [https://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/Arch_Rebar_LShape User_Documentation]</li>
<li>Bent Shape Rebar: [https://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/Arch_Rebar_BentShape User_Documentation]</li>
<li>Stirrup: [https://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/Arch_Rebar_Stirrup User_Documentation]</li>
<li>Helical Rebar: [https://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/Arch_Rebar_Helical User_Documentation]</li></ul></ul>
'''19 August''': <ul><li>Added comments in StraightRebar.py, BentShapeRebar.py and HelicalRebar.py. [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/a6702034e9bed4a7443e7179558b007e1db658dc Commit]</li></ul>
'''20 August''': <ul><li>Added comments in UShapeRebar.py, LShapeRebar.py and Stirrup.py and Rebarfunc.py. [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/48c57088c3463e5cbff2a33e1c3583297dfb53aa Commit]</li></ul>
'''21 August''': Discussed few things related to rebar addon code with Yorik on IRC.
'''22 August''': Added support in LShape dialog to take custom spacing when a user create rebar. [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/1bad73492e13fe8fc4e96e915e4f085712efacd2 Commit]
'''23 August''': Also enabled custom spacing button in rest of rebar dialog. [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/7cc53c21f304566a5c911959edbbd820ac971a49 Commit]
'''24-26 August''': Update README.md file on GitHub repo. [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/ddba8be594a3abb262b4377946f1d7771ce118bc Commit]
'''27 August''': Filled GSoC final evaluation form.

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