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SoC Applications: "Geometry file importers to BRL-CAD"


Nowadays there are many geometry formats files, each one is more appropriate to a different application field. Consequently it is necessary to CAD softwares to support as many file formats as possible, aiming to reduce users' efforts.


Name: Alexandre Strapação Guedes Vianna

Email / IRC Email:

IRC nick: AlexandreGuedes


Nowadays there are many CAD format files, each one is more appropriate to a different application field. Consequently it is necessary to CAD softwares to support as many file formats as possible, aiming to reduce users' efforts. Currently BRL-CAD is not totally compatible with some of most popular CAD file formats, such as VRML, X3D and OBJ. Actually according to table 1 BRL-CAD can only export to previously cited formats. To BRL-CAD would be very interesting if models could be imported from these formats.


Table 1. BRL-CAD conversion capabilities


I intend to develop CAD importers to BRL-CAD. The project's main idea is to write model importers - OBJ, VRML and X3D formats - to BRL-CAD, which would be respectively called obj-g, vrml-g and x3d-g.

Benefits to BRL-CAD

Add importers would increase BRL-CAD level compatibility with CAD file formats. Users will have a direct way to import their models to BRL-CAD, in other words they should avoid taking alternatives ways that can increase errors. As example of compatibility same of popular 3D graphics application like Blender can export to OBJ, VRML and X3D.


The main deliverables is implementing the obj-g converter, it requires a hard study about BRL-CAD model representation.

The secondary deliverables is implementing another importers such as vrml-g and x3d-g.

Project Schedule

The work can begin immediately. Currently, I’m in between university terms, so currently I’m not attending any classes. Classes will begin near mid April, and if time becomes a problem, one or two disciplines may be dismissed and done later. I also work at the university; I am a trainee in a computer graphics and virtual reality laboratory which demands ~20 weekly hours. But I do intend focusing on GSoC, and will do my best to give BRL-CAD 30+ weekly hours. That being said, the summer plans are detailed below:

1. April 20th ~ May 11th

This is referred by Google as the Community Bounding Period. It will be used to study the problem and the source code, analyzing other converters like g-obj. Finishing this period I should be familiarized with BRL-CAD code and understanding structures to represent models in BRL-CAD. Also I will implement some samples about reading BRL-CAD models.

2. May 11th ~ June 15th

Beginning of the program. In this period, I'll research and implement the OBJ importer; write code documentation; test the importer.

3. June 15th ~ July 13st

In these weeks, Just like step 1 I plan to implement another importer probably the VRML importer.

4. July 13st ~ July 27th

If I had already done step 1 and step 2 I can develop the X3D importer, else I will be concentrating my efforts in finish dependences.

5. July 27th ~ August 10th

Although I'll test each importer in their respective periods, I think it is useful to allocate time to handle unexpected issues and testing.

6. August 10th ~ August 17th

I’ll use this last week to refine code and documentation.

About me

I am Alexandre Strapação Guedes Vianna and I am 22. I study Computer Science at the Federal University of Paraiba, in João Pessoa, Brazil. Currently I am a trainee at LabTEVE[1] a computer graphics and virtual reality laboratory. Since youth I always had interest for computers and programming and too much curiosity about how programs were done. I used to develop some scripts to games like Ultima Online, unavoidably I started Computer Science course. My experience with big open source projects is not that great but I'm here to learn and to contribute with BRL-CAD project. During the graduation course I had many academic experiences and few practices. The possibility of get a good practice with BRL-CAD project is a great motivation. Also, I intend to continue contributing on BRL-CAD after the summer. The participation in GSoC might also be of great help in my intentions on spending some time studying/working abroad after graduation.

Other information and links

Résumé :


English version (Incomplete)

Sample code

In this project I develop an obj->opengl importer.