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Project Plan for Gsoc'21[edit]

May 17 - June 6 - Community Bonding[edit]

During this period, I am looking forward to interacting more with the Open Source Community, and to also be an active member on the IRC and the Mailing Lists. I’ll also do my best to learn more about and explore the Build process so that enabling the program to work with the automatic build server in the later weeks becomes an easier task.

June 7 - June 13 - Week I[edit]

For the first week, I’ll start working with the WikiBooks API, and write a code to get the text part extracted in a clean, easy to work with format and for optimization of the html files, e.g. removal of all the redundant html tags so that final sizes of the pages can be made smaller.

June 14 - June 20 - Week II[edit]

Once the Text part gets done, I’ll be working on how to automatically get the images from the Wiki to the pages where they belong, and also to save them offline in an efficient manner.

June 21 - June 27 - Week III[edit]

Next, I plan to work on the API:Styling content from wiki to present the docs with proper styling to increase user-friendliness, write the code to link the Stylesheet to all the pages, link all the docs together, and to go through the wiki to check if any adjustment is required.

June 28 - July 4 - Week IV[edit]

I’ll explore the currently available options such as pdfy and wkhtmltopdf and try for conversion of the docs from html to pdf, since this is another widely used, user-friendly format.

July 5 - July 11 - Week V[edit]

Week 5 will be the testing phase to make sure the program works how it’s supposed to be and to debug the unforeseen problems.

July 12 - July 18 - Week VI[edit]


July 19 - July 25 - Week VII[edit]

This will consist of finalising the docs generator program, and make sure it runs perfectly when executed from the terminal and all the web pages get saved to current_folder/OpenSCADUserDocs, and all images in current_folder/OpenSCADUserDocs/imgs and focus on the program’s optimization.

July 26 - August 8 - Weeks VIII & IX[edit]

The last two weeks I’ll be focusing on the implementation of the program into the Integration Process for the Automatic Build Servers for shipping with the OpenSCAD release.

August 9 - August 15 - Week X[edit]

Final Testing and completion of the documentation of the program.

August 16 - August 23 - Week XI[edit]