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** Made function getImages() to download the images in the Manual.
** Made function getImages() to download the images in the Manual.
** Made a config.yml file for ease of maintenance of the script.
** Made a config.yml file for ease of maintenance of the script.
** Made function getCSS() to download the CSS (more about which is given at [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Styling_content API:Styling_content]).
** Made function getStyled() to improve the styling of the pages.
* Week - 3 (June 21 - June 27)
** Explored GitHub Actions, to run the program and generate the documentation on GitHub.
** Added feature to zip the docs, thus reducing the file size by 25%.
** Created GitHub Action to generate a zipped doc file and release it.
** Changed getUrl() to getParsedUrl(), which now returns a parsed URL (using urllib.parse.urlparse()).
** Miscellaneous code optimizations in cleanSoup(), for a cleaner and smaller code.
* Week - 4 (June 28 - July 4)
** Explored the different options available for conversion of HTML to PDF.
** Chose the tool wkhtmltopdf for the conversion process, and made GitHub action to install the same.
** Created function getPdf() to get the pages converted to pdf.
** Changed the parser handling the XML response of the API.
* Week - 5 (July 5 - July 11)
** Added an argument `pdf` to the functions, to help them distinguish if the webpage being dealt with is to be converted into a pdf.
** Changed the program to create a PDF from Print Version of the manual to get a single big file for easier navigation.
** Worked on various issues arising in the PDF conversion according to input from the mentors.
* Week - 6 (July 12 - July 18)
** Phase - 1 Evaluations
* Weeks - 7 & 8 (July 19 - Aug 1)
** Explored and learnt more about CMakeLists for help in the integration part of the program.
** Made a python script to download the generated Manual from [http://files.openscad.org/documentation/ OpenSCAD Documentation].
* Weeks - 9 & 10 (Aug 2 - Aug 15)
** Changed python script and added static links to the documentation resources.
** Created function is_connected() to check if an internet connection is available.
** Created CMakeLists.txt inside the `resources` folder which now handles the download part instead of the main CMakeLists.txt
** Added option inside main CMakeLists.txt to enable download of the User Manual.
** Added the files generated by CMakeLists.txt and the python script to .gitnore.
** Added the option `Offline Documentation` to the help menu.
** The option `Offline Documentation now hides if the user chooses not to download the User Manual.

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