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Community Bonding Period

  1. Played around with code and build GUI
  2. Found where is auto-arrange is being called and how it's called so that I could get a grasp of how it should be replaced. Supermill helped by giving me another use of auto-arrange.
  3. Looked for a faster way to build the project rather than waiting for 15 minutes when changing anything, LoH helped me with a faster way to build it.
  4. Investigated SVGNest JS code to get a feel of how the code is structured.
  5. Started investigating in the SVGNest desktop application as gege2b has pointed out there is an implementation in C for SVGNest. After investigating I found the implementation isn't fully in C only one function of it is C and the rest is the previous JS code.
  6. Today I'll start reading one of the papers.

This page is will be edited to include what I've learned so far and serve as a log for the coming development.