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Hello Christopher Morrison I am Jonathan from Panama City Congratulations!!

I've started having fun with BRL-CAD, but I notice that this wiki needs some TLC. I'm an old hand at mediawiki, so if nobody objects, I'm going to start making massive changes here. For starters, I can:

  • categorize every page, looks like there's quite a few untagged pages
  • relabel the stuff in Category:MGED to remove the prefix so it looks nicer (this is a huge job unless it gets automated)
  • Eventually, I'd like to make a page for (almost) every executable in brlcad/bin; some already have pdfs or pages and I'd start by finding and categorizing these.

If there's no objections, I'll get started when I have time. --Ssd 08:40, 12 November 2009 (EST)