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Other sources for information:

I've partially filled in the info for each primitive as I found it and as I've had time. Feel free to improve this page! Many of the primitives listed here are not fully implemented (present in in or create but absent from make or without a form when it should have one, etc.), it might be useful to add version numbers to indicate when the object was introduced or when it was completed, especially if there are older compiled binaries on the website that don't yet support them.

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Revision of Introduction (5/27/13)

As a tech writer who is new to BRL-CAD, I'm finding that my study of it is being hampered by the current state of its documentation--so I decided to work on improving it. My first step was going to be revising the introductory section of this article to more completely describe the MGED commands for not only creating but also viewing and editing the properties of geometric primitives. But I decided all such information more properly belonged elsewhere, so I:

  • moved the information on creation methods to a new article,
  • retitled the old articles on determining and changing the properties of primitives to be consistent (leaving redirects in their old locations),
  • added links to those three articles to the introduction to this one, and
  • began reworking those three articles.

Of course, I also anticipate improving the rest of this article as time permits.

JoelDBenson (talk) 20:22, 27 May 2013 (UTC)