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GSoC Checklist

Before the summer coding begins, there are several things that students should do to become familiarized with BRL-CAD development. Below is a checklist of things each student should complete before the official GSoC coding start date. Some items on the checklist should occur during the application submission process while others need to occur before it's time to start coding.


  1. Review our Project Ideas
  2. Follow the Application Guidelines
  3. Understand your Acceptance Requirements
  4. Join the #brlcad IRC channel and introduce yourself
  5. Join the brlcad-devel mailing list and introduce yourself
  6. Discuss your application with our mentors (don't wait!)
  7. Prepare your application (try to submit a draft by April 1st)
  8. Discuss your application with the mentors some more :)
    1. (optional) Post your application to your wiki user page (/wiki/User:username)
    2. (optional) Share and discuss your application on the mailing list
  9. Submit a useful patch (be awesome)
  10. Submit your application (before April 8th!)