OpenGL GUI Framework

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Design icon.png This page contains the design document for an enhancement or feature. The design should be considered a work in progress and may not represent the final design. As this is a collaborative design, contributions and participation from other developers and users is encouraged. Use the discussion page for providing comments and suggestions.

Initial Project from GSoC 2008


Currently in BRL-CAD there's a redesign process to produce a new modeling interface, more intuitive and user-friendly, and one of the parts necessary for this is a front-end GUI in OpenGL. In principle some 3D engine (such as OpenSceneGraph, CrystalSpace and OGRE) should be used to make the job easier, and by the research done so far OGRE seems the best suited for the job, so it's the choice for the project unless other options prove more valuable before starting.

Thus the goal of this project is to implement a framework using this 3D engine, with the GUI acting as thin client and using network protocols to communicate with the already existing BRL-CAD back-ends providing the editing functionality. The framework is to be extended later to provide the full modeling interface.

Project Detailed Description


The users of BRL-CAD would be able to use an easier user interface, when all the pieces for the new modeling application are in place.


  • The thin client, GUI with OGRE
  • Participation in the implementation of the communication protocols
  • Participation in the implementation of the back-ends


  • Prior to the beginning of the coding phase, getting acquainted with the development and having things ready to start when the official period for coding starts.
  • The first step (probably 2 weeks) is dedicated to gather more information about the architecture, protocols and back-end, produce some more detailed plans, and starting with a "Hello world" client.
  • The following 7 weeks (3-9) should be dedicated to implement the functionalities. Milestones include (maybe some of them to be added or removed, to be discussed with the mentors and the community in general):
    • Get logging working
    • Get console working
    • Being able to communicate with the back-end
    • Displaying geometries
    • Displaying various representations (wireframe, polygonal, etc)
    • Rotating and positioning
    • Input support (trackball, shift-grips)
    • Clean cross-platform build system integration
  • The rest of the time (10-12) would be used as a "buffer" to prepare documentation necessary, test that everything is working fine, bugfixing and integration; and other possible activities necessary to close the project.

Useful bits from comments made before submission deadline