OpenCL GPGPU Raytracing

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Contact "brlcad" on

BRL-CAD has one of the oldest and fastest parallel ray tracing implementations around but we don't currently leverage the GPU. With implicit geometry and constructive solid geometry (CSG) Boolean operations, we also have a very different approach to ray tracing that has its own set of academic challenges.

Your project is to help us introduce a GPGPU pipeline into BRL-CAD using OpenCL. You're welcome to use a library that encapsulates OpenCL. We have a dozen primitives in BRL-CAD that need to be converted to OpenCL. Your objective is to implement at least two more while evaluating how your conversion compares to the non-GPGPU implementation.

One primitive which is done is an arbitrary polyhedron, so you have an example to follow. These primitives still need to be converted: FASTGEN4 CLINE.

Difficulty: Easy

Languages: C and OpenCL (or other GPGPU API)