Online Geometry Viewer Interface

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Online geometry viewer (OGV) is aimed to enable users to view BRL-CAD's geometry files (.g files) on browser. Development started in 2013 and efforts were made to make it functional and no doubt it is working but lacks robust back-end and good looking front-end (user interface). While details about back-end are mentioned here, this page is focused only on front-end i.e. designing of user interface for OGV keeping the user experience in mind.

Current state of OGV's user interface is OK type and is not much user friendly. Making an influential user interface for OGV requires great deal of understanding of project's functionality, creativity, aesthetic sense and knowledge of certain GUI principles.

You will need to work in collaboration with OGV's back-end developer to discuss and clarify certain things before beginning (and during working period). Although it is a great learning process and opportunity to work as team on a real world open source CAD project but it also requires certain responsibilities on your part.

Feel free to discuss anything about the project at IRC or mailing list.



  • Familiarity with web development technologies(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.)