Online Geometry Viewer Back-end

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Online Geometry viewer for GSOC - 2018

Scope for GSoC 2018

We have been working on OGV for 5 years. It started with PHP and then was revamped to meteor.js (before it was cool). This year we want to focus on the backend of OGV, making sure it works properly, converts the models properly and basically finishing a version of OGV and launching it for the masses. So it's going to be a really exciting summer this year. We have arranged a list of features, bugs, and enhancements that we think should be handled this year and have put them ( here on github. These issues are arranged via priority, so you will get an idea about what you can include in your proposal for this summer.

Checklist to write proposal for OGV

  • Download and clone OGV from
  • Run OGV on your local. Can you find some steps missing in Readme?
  • Fork OGV repo
  • Choose a couple of low hanging issues, solve then and send a pull request. More PRs equal better chances of selection!
  • Talk to mentors about your PR
  • Choose list of issues that you would like to solve this summer
  • Make sure it contains as many( high priority issues </a> as possible.
  • Did you find a bug? Do you think there's a feature that's really important but it's not here? Feel free to add it to your proposal.
  • Make a detailed weekly plan for your summer. More detailed, the better. Include why, what and how whenever you can.
  • Share your proposal with your mentors
  • Make any changes if required
  • Put the proposal on BRL-CAD wiki
  • Talk about your proposal with your mentors. Get feedback.
  • Submit it to Google Summer of Code website.