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Online geometry viewer (OGV) is aimed to enable users to view BRL-CAD's geometry files (.g files) on browser. Development started in 2013, efforts were made to make it
# Online Geometry Viewer Back-end for GSOC 2018
functional and no doubt it is working but lacks robust infrastructure.
Development of OGV's back-end basically involves the basic infrastructure that includes rebuilding the whole project using some web application framework and adding new features. Rebuilding includes the basic part i.e. visualizing the geometry on browser (.g to .obj conversion and then read .obj in ThreeJS), sign-in sign-up module etc. You can leave the GUI aspect of this project for now as it is another sub project under OGV.
Use of a full stack framework for back-end development would be desirable.
New features primarily includes user dashboard, file management, file
sharing with other users, conversion to other CAD formats etc. Check references for more details. If you have better idea regarding anything feel free to discuss at IRC or mailing list.
* Current implementation: [[Online_Geometry|Online Geometry Viewer]]
* Desired features: [[Online_Geometry/TODO|TODO]]
* Familiarity with web development technologies(HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc).

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