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Design icon.png This page contains the design document for an enhancement or feature. The design should be considered a work in progress and may not represent the final design. As this is a collaborative design, contributions and participation from other developers and users is encouraged. Use the discussion page for providing comments and suggestions.

Below is a list of potential development activities remaining for the geometry service. You can think of this as a tree of task ideas. No single task should take more than a month of effort to implement. Break up complex tasks into smaller objectives.

  • something
  • something
  • something

If you're interested in getting involved, please join the brlcad-devel mailing list and introduce yourself.

Here is an example of a TODO tree if the project were to build a house:

  • Establish Foundation (2 weeks)
    • Dig a hole (1 week)
    • Fill hole with footers and cement (1 week)
  • Construct (6 weeks)
    • Frame interior and exterior walls (3 weeks)
    • Install plumbing, electrical (2 weeks)
    • Install drywall (1 week)
  • Finish interior (4 weeks)
    • Paint walls (2 week)
      • Paint upstair floor (1 week)
      • Paint downstair and basement floors (1 week)
    • Install light fixtures (1 week)
    • Key locks (1 week)