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Online Geometry Viewer

Online Geometry Viewer is an online web app, where users can upload, view and share 3D CAD models. They can also host these models online, can like (love) or comment on them. In a nutshell it can be looked at as a social blogging platform for 3D models.


OGV started as a Google Summer of Code project in 2013 by Harmanpreet Singh. It was written in PHP on server side and HTML, CSS and Javascript on the client side. It used MySQL for database. For viewing models in browser a library called three.js was used. Users could upload 3D models and view them in 3D online. After the GSoC 2013 was complete, there were discussions at BRL-CAD mailing list regarding infrastructure of OGV. It started with moving from vanilla PHP to using some framework and then moved towards using nodejs for OGV. Then in GSoC 2014, another GSoC project by Inderpreet Singh aimed at moving OGV from PHP to nodejs using a full stack framework meteorjs. Few extra features mostly regarding making it social were also added.


When we built our initial HTML web pages in 90s we din't have an <img> tag. Just a few years back Video was a foreign element added via third party plugins. Today images,videos and audio all have become first class citizens of the web. HTML 5 has introduced many new members to the family. Canvas, WebGL and SVG being few of them. These technologies allow us to manipulate and access 2d and 3d graphics right in the browser. Today we have incredible power in our hands when it comes to handling graphics on web. Even with technologies like WebGL, 3D graphics have not yet become a part of our daily web experience. We believe in OGV as one of those platforms that will make sharing 3D models on the web as normal as sharing videos on youtube or images on flickr.