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NetMsg Generic Templates

The GSNet Protocol provides several Template classes to be used or extended from.

NetMsg MsgTypes

Some NetMsgs will need to have custom bodies. Here is a list of NetMsgs, their related MsgTypes, and links to details on that specific NetMsg:

NOTE: This list *is* up-to-date as of 2.9.11

TODO: Replace this with Doxy files

MsgType ID Name Parent Class Additional Info
0x0042 RUALIVE TypeOnlyMsg
0x0043 IMALIVE TypeOnlyMsg
0x0050 Failure GenericOneByteMsg
0x0051 Success GenericOneByteMsg
0x0060 PING GenericEightByteMsg
0x0061 PONG GenericEightByteMsg
0x0100 GS Remote Nodename Set GenericOneStringMsg
0x0150 Disconnect Request TypeOnlyMsg
0x0200 New Node on Network GenericOneStringMsg
0x0250 Full Nodename List Request Not Implemented Yet
0x0255 Full Nodename List Not Implemented Yet
0x0300 New Session Request NetMsg
0x0305 Session Information NetMsg
0x0400 Geoemtry Request GenericOneStringMsg Has additional custom fields.
0x0405 Geometry Manifest NetMsg
0x0410 Geometry Chunk GenericMultiByteMsg