NURBS Booleans

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Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines are the dominant geometric representation format in Computer Aided Design. BRL-CAD's support for these primitives is relatively recent, and while we can raytrace them we are still developing the ability to perform operations such as subtraction and intersection between two solid NURBS Boundary Representations (Breps). This ability is fundamental to a wide variety of editing operations and essential to the process of converting implicit-primitive based boolean geometry trees to evaluated NURBS models.

This task would build on work done in previous GSoC projects to make existing functionality robust and fast.


  • src/libbrep
  • src/librt/primitives/brep
  • src/other/openNURBS
  • include/raytrace.h
  • include/rtgeom.h


  • Familiarity with C++
  • Solid mathematical foundations