• The following is the begining of a reply message on the BRL-CAD help forum


A user on the BRL-CAD help forum recently asked twenty rather insightful and detailed questions regarding MGED that I felt would be a good idea to share with those on the mailing lists as well. Some of the questions frequently come up in discussion, so hopefully these answers will be of use to many others out there as well. Also, note that some of the questions are covered in the BRL-CAD tutorial series available at under the Documents section. Users are encouraged to suggest other documents and documentation that would be of use. As always, if folks aren't happy with an answer or state of affairs, please feel free to post a feature request at (with one request per submission and lots of detail). The questions from this particular user along with my answers are provided in following below.

  • Note: The answers have been edited and put into a FAQ format which can be seen here: MgedFAQ.