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= BRL-CAD Wiki =
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Welcome to the BRL-CAD Wiki!  A wiki is a type of site that allows visitors to directly contribute to the content of a website.  The intention of the BRL-CAD Wiki is to get ''everyone'' in the community working together on providing the information that everyone needs.  The wiki is intended as a place for any documentation, tutorials, support, examples, and other pieces of information that may be of use to others.  All are welcome to contribute and anyone may edit most of the wiki pages.  With everyone's help, we can make this a tremendous resource for the CAD community.
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Don't be shy with your contributions.  Give editing a try and be proud of your contributions!  If you make a mistake, they're very easy to undo and you don't even need to have an account created.  If you do create an account, however, you will be credited with the contribution in the page's history. 
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So be '''bold''' and ''have at it''!
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== Getting started ==
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* [[FAQ]]
* [[Documentation]]
* [[MGED Commands]] **UPDATED**
* [[BRL-CAD Commands]]
* [[BRL-CAD Primitives]]
* [[Support]]
* [http://brlcad.org/gallery Image Gallery]
* [[SVN]]
* [[Forums]]
== Tutorials ==
* [[Animation]]
* [[EBM]]
* [[SGI_Cube]]
* [[Sketch]]
* [[Cutting and Pasting PIX files]]
* [[Distributed Rendering]]
* [[Lighting]]
== Projects ==
* [[Google Summer of Code]]
* [[Developer Documents]]
* [[iBME_Main|iBME]]
== Third-party Projects ==
* [[Hex]] - Create threaded metric bolts, nuts, and washers
If you are unsure on how to edit or add new pages, see the [[Help:Contents|Help]]. Consult the [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help User's Guide] for information on using a wiki, particularly the section on [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing editing] pages.
Unless otherwise noted, all contributions to the BRL-CAD wiki are made available under the terms of the [[BSD Documentation License]] (BDL).  Please refer to the wiki site [[disclaimer]] for more details.

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