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[[category:Getting started]]
[[category:Getting started]]
* [http://www.infosafe.fr/coffre-fort-ignifuge/coffre-fort-ignifuge.htm coffre fort ignifuge]
* [http://www.infosafe.fr/Armoirefortedin/Armoirefortedin.htm armoire forte ignifuge]

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Mailing Lists

The BRL-CAD mailing lists are hosted on Sourceforge. Some of the primary mailing lists available are:

Announcement of new releases and other significant news is sent to this list. The list is read-only and relatively low-traffic.
This list is intended for anything and everything related to BRL-CAD users. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, feel open to talk about it here.
BRL-CAD Developer
This list is intended for developer communications related to BRL-CAD. This includes discussions by the core developers, and others around the world. Questions related to the code are welcome.

Please note that you must still subscribe to our mailing lists on Sourceforge in order to post through an online mirroring service such as Nabble.