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x [level]


Optional. Level of detail of returned information.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "x"command lists all the primitive shapes currently drawn in the mged display. The level determines how much detail should be included in the list. For level zero (the default), only a list of paths to shapes in the display list is produced. Each shape is prefixed by "VIEW" or "-no-," indicating that the shape is actually being drawn or that it is being skipped, respectively. If level is greater than zero, the center, size, ident number, RGB color assigned to the region, and the actual color used to draw the shape are also listed. If level is greater than one, the number of vlist structures and the number of points in each vlist structure are also listed for each shape. If level is greater than two, then the actual lines drawn for each shape are also listed. The who command performs a similar function, but lists only the top-level objects that are displayed.


mged> x
List the paths to the displayed shapes.

See Also[edit]

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