MGED CMD vrmgr

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vrmgr host {master | slave | overview}


Valid network name of host computer
master | slave | overview
Mode in which to place host into.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "vrmgr" command establishes a link between the current mged display and a vrmgr process running on the specified host. The vrmgr program is a manager for virtual reality displays using mged. The vrmgr process must be started on host prior to executing the vrmgr command in mged. The second command line argument to the vrmgr command is the role of the current mged display. The master display controls the viewing parameters of itself and all the slave displays. The overview display acts as an observer of the entire virtual reality process.


mged> vrmgr master
Set the current mged display as the master for the vrmgr process running on the host named

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