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tree [-c] [-i #] [-o outfile] object(s)


Do not print shapes.
-i #
Indent # spaces.
-o outfile
Target Output File
One or more valid BRL-CAD Database Objects.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "tree"command will list the contents of the specified objects in a tree-like format that displays the hierarchical structure of the objects, and all objects referenced by them, down to the primitive shape level. If -c is given, the shapes are not printed. The -o outfile option prints the results to outfile. The -i # option allows the user to set the number of spaces to indent.


mged> tree group1
Show the structure of the tree rooted at group1 down to the primitive shape level.

mged> tree -i 2 group1
This time use two spaces for each level of indentation.

mged> tree -c group1
No shapes are printed.

See Also

No related commands.

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