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rt [Options] [--objects]


See rt man page for details
Valid BRL-CAD objects.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "rt" command executes the BRL-CAD rt program with the default options of "-s50 –M." If perspective is turned on, then the -p option will be included with the value of the perspective angle. The current database name is added to the end of the rt command line along with either the specified objects or, if none is specified, the list of currently displayed objects. The rt program is written such that options may be repeated, and the last occurrence of an option will override any earlier occurences. This allows the user to specify other size (-s) options. The rrt command performs a similar function, but may be used to execute other programs as well. The -M option tells rt to read the viewing parameters from standard input. See the man page on rt for details. A related command is saveview, which can be used to create a shell script (batch job) to raytrace this view in the background.


mged> rt -s1024 -F/dev/Xl
Run the rt program to produce a color-shaded image of the current view in the MGED display. The image will be 1024 pixels square and will be displayed on a lingering X framebuffer.
mged> rt -C 200/200/255 -- roof
Run the rt program to produce a color-shaded image of the object roof using MGED’s current viewing parameters. The image will have a sky-blue background and will be displayed on the framebuffer specified by the FB_FILE shell variable.

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