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ps [-f font] [-t title] [-c creator] [-s size_in_inches] [-l line_width] output_file


-f font
Optional. User Specified Font
-t title
Optional. User Specified Title
-c creator
Optional. User Specified Creator
-s size
Optional. User Specified Size in inches
-l LineWidth
Optional. User Specified Line Width.
File to write data to.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "ps" command temporarily attaches the Postscript display manager and outputs the current MGED display to the specified output_file in PostScript format. The -f option allows the font to be user-specified. The -t option allows the user to provide a title (the default is "No Title"). The -c option allows the user to specify the creator of the file (the default is "LIBDM dm-ps"). The –s specifies the size of the drawing in inches. The –l specifies the width of the lines drawn.


mged> ps -t "Test Title" test.ps
Place a PostScript version of the current MGED display in a file named test.ps and give it the title "Test Title."
mged> ps -l 10 -t "Test Fat Lines" fat_lines.ps
This time use fat lines.

See Also

No related commands.

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