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[[Category:MGED view manipulation|Ps]]
[[Category:MGED view manipulation|Ps]]
[[Category:MGED file operations|Ps]]

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ps [-f font] [-t title] [-c creator] [-s size_in_inches] [-l line_width] output_file


-f font
Optional. User Specified Font
-t title
Optional. User Specified Title
-c creator
Optional. User Specified Creator
-s size
Optional. User Specified Size in inches
-l LineWidth
Optional. User Specified Line Width.
File to write data to.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "ps" command temporarily attaches the Postscript display manager and outputs the current MGED display to the specified output_file in PostScript format. The -f option allows the font to be user-specified. The -t option allows the user to provide a title (the default is "No Title"). The -c option allows the user to specify the creator of the file (the default is "LIBDM dm-ps"). The –s specifies the size of the drawing in inches. The –l specifies the width of the lines drawn.


mged> ps -t "Test Title" test.ps
Place a PostScript version of the current MGED display in a file named test.ps and give it the title "Test Title."
mged> ps -l 10 -t "Test Fat Lines" fat_lines.ps
This time use fat lines.

See Also[edit]

No related commands.

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