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preview [-v] [-d delay] [-D start_frame_number] [-K end_frame_number] rt_script_file


Evaluate objects
-d delay
Delay in seconds between each frame.
-D StartingFrame
Starting Frame Number
-K EndingFrame
Ending Frame Number
AnimMate file.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "preview" command allows the user to preview animation scripts in MGED. The -d option provides a delay in seconds to be applied between each frame (the default is no delay). The -D option allows the user to specify a starting frame number, and the -K option allows the specification of an ending frame number. The -v flag indicates that the objects displayed in the MGED graphics window should be displayed in "evaluated" mode, as would be the result of the ev command. Note that this may significantly slow the preview.


mged> preview -D 101 -K 237 script.rt
Preview the animation script stored in the file named script.rt from frame number 101 through frame number 237.

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