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pl [-float] [-zclip] [-2d] [-grid] out_file | "|" filter


Optional. Use real numbers vice integers.
Optional. Clip plot to viewing cube in Z direction
Optional. Make two dimentional plot.
Optional. Include grid.
out_file | "|" filter
Destination Point for data.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "pl" command creates a UNIX plot of the current MGED display. If an output_file is specified, the plot is stored in that file. If a filter is specified, the output is sent to that filter. The -float option requests a plot file with real numbers rather than integers. The -zclip option requests that the plot be clipped to the viewing cube in the Z-direction. The -2d option requests a two-dimensional plot (the default is 3D). The -grid option is intended to include a grid in the plot, but is currently not implemented. This command uses the dm-plot display manager. The plot command performs the same function, but does not use the dm-plot display manager.


mged> pl -float | pldebug
Create a UNIX plot of the current MGED display and pipe the results to the pldebug command

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