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[[Category:MGED matrix commands|Oed]]
[[Category:MGED matrix commands|Oed]]
[[Category:MGED combination commands|Oed]]
[[Category:MGED combination commands|Oed]]
[[Category:MGED object editing|Oed]]

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oed path_lhs path_rhs


Path to combination or region that contains path_rhs.
Path to a Primitive.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "oed" command places MGED directly into the matrix edit mode. The path_rhs must be a path to a primitive shape, and path_lhs must be a path to a combination that includes the first component of path_rhs as one of its members. The edited matrix will be the matrix in the final component of path_lhs that corresponds to the first component of path_rhs. The last component in path_rhs is used as the reference shape during object editing.


mged> oed group1/group2
Place MGED into matrix edit mode, editing the matrix in group2 that corresponds to region1, using shapea as the reference shape.

See Also

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