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:make -t | new_shape_type name
:make -t | new_name new_shape_type

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make -t | new_name new_shape_type


Return a list of shape types handled by make.
Type of new shape to make.

Return Value(s)

Return a list of shape types handled by make.


The "make" command creates a new_shape of the indicated type. The new_shape is sized according to the current view size and is dependent on the type. The possible values for type are:

  • arb8 -- ARB (eight vertices).
  • arb7 -- ARB (seven vertices).
  • arb6 -- ARB (six vertices).
  • arb5 -- ARB (five vertices).
  • arb4 -- ARB (four vertices).
  • bot -- Bag of Triangles.
  • sph -- Ellipsoid (center and radius).
  • ell -- Ellipsoid (center and three semi-axes).
  • ellg -- Ellipsoid (foci and chord length).
  • tor -- Torus.
  • tgc -- Truncated General Cone (most general TGC).
  • tec -- Truncated General Cone (top radii are scaled from base radii).
  • rec -- Truncated General Cone (right elliptical cylinder).
  • trc -- Truncated General Cone (truncated right circular cone).
  • rcc -- Truncated General Cone (right circular cylinder).
  • half -- Half Space.
  • rpc -- Right Parabolic Cylinder.
  • rhc -- Right Hyperbolic Cylinder.
  • epa -- Elliptical Paraboloid.
  • ehy -- Elliptical Hyperboloid.
  • eto -- Elliptical Torus.
  • part -- Particle.
  • pipe -- Pipe (run of connected pipe or wire).
  • nmg -- Non-Manifold Geometry (an NMG consisting of a single vertex is built).
  • grip -- support for joints.
  • extrude -- experimental.
  • sketch -- experimental.


mged> make shapea sph
Create a sphere named shapea
mged> make -t
Return a list of shape types handled by make

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