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l [-r] <Objects>


List of valid BRL-CAD Objects

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "l" command displays a verbose description about the specified list of objects. If a specified object is a path, then any transformation matrices along that path are applied. If the final path component is a combination, the command will list the Boolean formula for the combination and will indicate any accumulated transformations (including any in that combination). If a shader and/or color has been assigned to the combination, the details will be listed. For a region, its ident, air code, material code, and LOS will also be listed. For primitive shapes, detailed shape parameters will be displayed with the accumulated transformation applied. If the -r (recursive) option is used, then each object on the command line will be treated as a path. If the path does not end at a primitive shape, then all possible paths from that point down to individual shapes will be considered. The shape at the end of each possible path will be listed with its parameters adjusted by the accumulated transformation.


mged> l region1
Display details about region1.
mged> l group1/group2/region1/shape3
Display shape parameters for shape3 with matrices applied from the path
mged> l -r a/b
Display all possible paths that start with a/b and end in a primitive shape

The shape parameters with the accumulated transformation applied will be displayed.

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