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idents file_name <objects>


Name of the file to be written to.
< objects >
Collections to be searched.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "idents" command places a summary of the Regions in the list of objects specified in the file specified. If any regions include other regions, then only the first encountered region in that tree will be listed. The resulting file will contain two lists of regions, one in the order encountered in the list of objects, and the other ordered by ident number. The data written for each region includes (in this order) a sequential region count, the ident number, the aircode, the material code , the LOS, and the path to the region.


mged> idents regions_file group1 group2 region3
Create a file named regions_file and list all the regions in group1, group2, and region3 in the file.

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