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ae [-i] azimuth elevation [twist]


Angles supplied are interpreted as increments.
View will be rotated about the viewing direction by the specified angle.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


Set the view orientation for the mged display by rotating the eye position about the center of the viewing cube. The eye position is determined by the supplied azimuth and elevation angles (degrees). The azimuth angle is measured in the xy plane with the positive x direction corresponding to an azimuth of 0 degrees. Positive azimuth angles are measured counter-clockwise about the positive z axis. Elevation angles are measured from the xy plane with +90 degrees; corresponding to the positive z direction and -90 degrees; corresponding to the negative z direction.


mged> ae 90 90
View from the top driection
mged> ae 270 0
View from right hand side.
mged> ae 35 25 10
View from azimuth 35, elevation 25, with view rotated by 10˚.
mged> ae -i 0 0 5
Rotate the current view through 5˚ about the viewing direction

See Also

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