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B [-A -o -s C#/#/#] <objects | attribute name/value pairs>


-A & -o
The -A option specifies that the arguments provided to this command are attribute name/value pairs, and only objects having the specified attributes and values are to be displayed. The default (without -o) is that only objects having all the specified attribute name/value pairs will be displayed.
Specifies that subtracted and intersected objects should be drawn with solid lines rather than dot-dash lines.
Provides the user a way to specify a color that overrides all other color specifications including combination colors and region id-based colors.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


Clear the mged display of any currently displayed objects, then display the list of objects provided in the parameter list. Equivalent to the Z command followed by the command draw < objects >. See the draw command for a detailed description of the options.


mged> B some_object
Clear the display, then display the object named some_object.
mged> B -A -o Comment {First comment} Comment {Second comment}
Clear the display, then draw objects that have a "Comment" attribute with a value of either "First comment" or "Second comment."

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