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==See Also==
==See Also==
: [[MGED_CMD_draw|draw]]
: [[MGED_CMD_e_lower|e]]
: [[MGED_CMD_e_lower|e]]
: [[MGED_CMD_E_upper|E]]
: [[MGED_CMD_E_upper|E]]

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B [-A -o -s C#/#/#] <objects | attribute name/value pairs>


-A & -o
The -A option specifies that the arguments provided to this command are attribute name/value pairs, and only objects having the specified attributes and values are to be displayed. The default (without -o) is that only objects having all the specified attribute name/value pairs will be displayed.
Specifies that subtracted and intersected objects should be drawn with solid lines rather than dot-dash lines.
Provides the user a way to specify a color that overrides all other color specifications including combination colors and region id-based colors.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


Clear the mged display of any currently displayed objects, then display the list of objects provided in the parameter list. Equivalent to the Z command followed by the command draw < objects >. See the draw command for a detailed description of the options.


mged> B some_object
Clear the display, then display the object named some_object.
mged> B -A -o Comment {First comment} Comment {Second comment}
Clear the display, then draw objects that have a "Comment" attribute with a value of either "First comment" or "Second comment."

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