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Official logo criteria

  • Color: Dark gray left link, ruby red right link, white pins. Similar to those in our sticker design (see below).
  • Pins: not too big (e.g., sticker is too big at ~75% diameter), not too small (e.g., task 5880984918556672 is too big at 50%). probably want 61.8% ;-)
  • Links should be the same size (balanced), horizontally even, and angled ~90 degrees
  • No artifacts or discontinuities (should be smooth all around)


  • With or without white pins
  • Left link can be black to light grey in color
  • Sans serif BRL-CAD text can be overlaid or underneath
  • Can be B&W, flat color, or shaded color

We've had a LOT of logo design activity last year and even more this year under the Google Code-In program. Thanks, Google and participating students!

Here are our current best versions to use for deriving new work:

Included above are some images as well as 3D geometry (.g) files that you can open with BRL-CAD to modify them or render new versions.

Do NOT use the black and red "Angelov" version of our logo for new design work: