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=LibreCAD 3 UI=
After the project in 2014, LibreCAD engine is maturing, and it's reasonable to add GUI support for drawing and editing actions to start exposing it to end users. We have separated this in 2 phases
==First phase==
Within our current LibreCAD 3 there is a library that handles drawing of entities. This needs to be extended such that it can handle mouse/keyboard input and have the capability to create entities within our document. We require a framework that can easily be extended such that other entities can be created with or without constrains. Constrains can include must be a extendable framework
*Snap on grid
*Snap on snap point's of entities
*Snap tangent on other entities
*Vertical/Horizontal constrains
This portion doesn't require a UI with icons/buttons but a API in/around the document canvas that can handle the above such it can be included in other applications other then LibreCAD (BRL-CAD/FreeCAD etc...)
==Second phase==
Build a UI that communicates with the document canvas. This is the portion that does have the UI/Buttons/Menu's We are leaning towards using QT but any other UI framework is open to suggestion. Initially we are looking towards the framework portion so we can work and extend but at a minimum we should be able to draw and manipulate the basic entities.
*C++, UI, Qt

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