Google Summer of Code/2021

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GSoC 2021 With BRL-CAD[edit]

BRL-CAD was accepted as an umbrella mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code! This year, we accepted 6 students to work on IfcOpenShell, BRL-CAD, FreeCAD, and OpenSCAD.

Accepted Projects[edit]

Implement UNDO and transactional changes[edit]

  • Description: This project implements intrinsic transactional undo support for BRL-CAD geometry.
  • Org: BRL-CAD
  • Student: [[User:Vikram_Atreya]|Vikram Atreyapurapu]
  • [[1]]
  • Project Plan
  • Dev Log

Add IDS validation with BCF output to IfcOpenShell[edit]

Generator for offline documentation[edit]

Open Geometry Viewer(OGV)[edit]

  • Description: Online Geometry Viewer is an online web application, where users can upload, view, and share 3D CAD models. This project aims to add new features during GSoC 2021, and fix bugs and issues.
  • Org: BRL-CAD
  • Student: Amanjot Singh
  • Abstract
  • Project Plan
  • Dev Log