Google Summer of Code/2019

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GSoC 2019 With BRL-CAD

BRL-CAD was accepted as an umbrella mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code!

Accepted Projects

Porting SVGNest to C++

  • Implementing auto-arrange feature in Slic3r to help print as much objects as we can on the print bed to speed up total printing time. SVGNest is a JS library which implements a nesting algorithm which is what we need.
  • Org: Slic3r
  • Student: Mohamed Abdelhady
  • Abstract
  • Project Plan

Automate Reinforcement Process in FreeCAD

  • This project is to automate Reinforcement process by using Rebar Addon in FreeCAD. The idea is to create UI on top of the current implementation to combine different types of Rebars in a single Dialog Box as per the user requirements. For example, combine Stirrups and Rebars (different types of rebars) in case of Beam Reinforcement.
  • Org: FreeCAD
  • Student: Suraj
  • Abstract
  • Project Plan
  • Dev Log