Google Summer of Code/2015


GSoC 2015 With BRL-CAD

BRL-CAD was accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code!

We accepted 12 students that prepared quality proposals and demonstrated commitment, with details below for those students that were successful. As an umbrella org, several students were selected for associated orgs LibreCAD, STEPcode, and OpenSCAD.

Accepted Projects

GPU Accelerated Ray Trace Rendering for BRL-CAD

Online Geometry Viewer (OGV) : Front-End

Online Geometry Viewer (OGV): Back-end

Synchronize Wiki with Docbook

Povray export

OpenSCAD Importer

Object-Oriented C++ Geometry API

STEP Geometry Viewer

NMG / BoT Editing

X3D Importer

ScadLexer for OpenSCAD