Google Summer of Code/2011

BRL-CAD GSoC2011 flyer.png

Getting started[edit]

BRL-CAD participated as a mentoring organization in the 2011 Google Summer of Code!

Students interested in working on BRL-CAD for GSoC were asked to review our CHECKLIST and our Project Ideas page for a list of project suggestions that were of particular interest.

Accepted Proposals[edit]

MGED to Archer Command Migration Project[edit]

Student: Brandon Hinesley (IRC: bhinesley)
Mentor: Cliff Yapp (IRC: starseeker)

Shader Enhancements[edit]

Student: Guilherme Kunigami (IRC: kunigami)
Mentor: Daniel Roßberg (IRC: d_rossberg)

In the past, we've received several dozen applications by the submission deadline. We generally narrow down our selections to ten or fewer of the more passionately interested students. From those that make the final ten, we've previously selected four or five to participate. This year, we chose to only accept two applicants in order to concentrate more attention on their efforts.