Google Summer of Code/2009

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Getting started

Students participating with BRL-CAD in the 2009 GSoC have a checklist of actions that they should perform before getting started on their projects. Students are also expected to be aware of what is expected of them throughout the summer.

Additional Information

Last year, more than 7000 applications were received from nearly 4000 students for the 175 participating organizations. Of those, only 1125 applications/students will be funded. Altogether, this represents a $5.6 million dollar (USD) investment by Google in open source software development. Way cool.

You can see our Project Ideas page for a list of project suggestions that were suggested to be of particular interest to our mentors. There were several other areas of development that are of high-interest as well. Students were welcome to submit their own unique ideas as well and were encouraged to collaborate with our mentors on formulating those projects. Student applications for GSoC will be accepted on Google's project website between March 23 and April 3. See more information.