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(libpc: Integration with libged & Test of the entire Framework)
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Student: Joe Doliner (IRC: jdoliner)<br>
Student: Joe Doliner (IRC: jdoliner)<br>
Mentor: William Bowman (IRC: ?)<br>
Mentor: Keith Bowman (ML: indianlarry)<br>

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Brlcad gsoc2009 flyer.png

Getting started

BRL-CAD is participating as a mentoring organization in the 2009 Google Summer of Code. As such, we are accepting student applications for projects through until April 3rd. Students participating with BRL-CAD in GSoC 2009 have a CHECKLIST of actions that they should perform to help them get started.

Additional Information

You can go to our Project Ideas page for a list of project suggestions that are of particular interest. There are also several other areas of development that are of high-interest. Students are welcome to submit their own ideas as well but, more importantly, are encouraged to collaborate with the developers on formulating projects. Student applications for GSoC will be accepted at http://socghop.appspot.com between March 23 and April 3.

Accepted Proposals

Implementation of Revolve and Sweep Primitives

Student: Timothy Van Ruitenbeek (IRC: pacman87)
Proposal: http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:Pacman87
Mentor: Daniel Roßberg (IRC: d_rossberg)

libpc: Integration with libged & Test of the entire Framework

Student: Dawn Thomas (IRC: madant)
Proposal: libpc Proposal
Mentor: Christopher Sean Morrison (IRC: brlcad)

Further OpenGL Geometry Editor GUI development

Student: Benjamin Saunders (IRC: Ralith)
Mentor: David Loman (IRC: d-lo)

MoRe.brlcad.org 2

Student: Elena Băutu (IRC: ?)
Mentor: Clifford Yapp (IRC: starseeker)

Hybrid Representation through BREP on BREP CSG

Student: Joe Doliner (IRC: jdoliner)
Mentor: Keith Bowman (ML: indianlarry)