Google Summer of Code

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BRL-CAD has been ACCEPTED to participate in the 2011 Google Summer of Code!

Since 2005, Google has run an awesome open source software development program specifically for students called the Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Under this program, Google funds students to write code for open source projects during the northern hemisphere's summer timeframe:

  • The student writes a project proposal for BRL-CAD.
    • Sometimes their project idea caters to something that the open source organization suggests and sometimes it's an idea entirely of the student's conception.
  • Proposals are reviewed, evaluated, and ranked by the open source organization's mentors.
  • Google allocates a certain number of slots to each participating organization
    • That, in turn, determines how many student developers work with that organization.

Getting Started Checklist

Whether you're applying or accepted, we've itemized everything you need to do into a simple CHECKLIST. We're here to help you become new open source developers, so don't be shy if you have any questions. See our GSoC 2011 page for more details.

The Selection Process

GSoC is not a job. If you think this is just a summer job, then GSoC is probably not for you. It's only like a job in terms of planning your time commitment over the summer.

GSoC is about getting people involved and contributing to open source over the long-term. As such, we heavily weight our application selection process towards students that are interested in remaining involved in BRL-CAD and open source software development long after GSoC has ended.

Additionally, submissions are graded based on perception of the submitter's abilities to complete the task within the program timeframe, general consensus on the technical approach being proposed, and overall interest in having such modifications made to BRL-CAD. Particular notice is made of students that are responsive to questions and readily interactive in the IRC channel or on the mailing list. Communication is a great thing.

Just about every GSoC organization receives considerably more project proposals than can be accepted. Every application gets read multiple times and reviewed in detail. Of those applications, only a small subset are selected so keep in mind that the selection process is rather competitive and difficult.

Whether or not you are accepted, contributing to open source outside of GSoC is one of the main goals of the program and is the best way to be noticed and get your proposal accepted. Keep that in mind. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to working with new BRL-CAD developers!

BRL-CAD participation in GSoC

You can check out promotional flyers that have been prepared in the past on our GSoC flyers page.

GSoC 2011

BRL-CAD GSoC2011 flyer.png

After a year off focusing on a major development initiative, BRL-CAD once again has been accepted to participate in the Google Summer of Code! For this year, we will be accepting no fewer than two students and no more than six students. We generally get several dozen applications, less that ten of which tend to be of the quality we're looking for. Regardless, chances of acceptance for highly passionate students is very high.

GSoC 2009

Brlcad gsoc2009 flyer.png

For the second year in a row, BRL-CAD is participating in the Google Summer of Code. BRL-CAD was accepted as a participating organization and took upon five students, four of which successfully worked their projects and integrated with the development team.

GSoC 2008

Brlcad gsoc2008 flyer.jpg

The Google Summer of Code 2008 was announced on February 25, 2008. BRL-CAD was accepted as a participating organization and took upon four students, all of which successfully worked their projects and integrated with the development team.