Google Season of Docs/Project Ideas

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If you want to work on computer-aided design (CAD), geometry, or graphics documentation, you've come to the right place! Help us improve open source BRL-CAD.

Get started quickly by:

  1. Compiling BRL-CAD from source
  2. Reading our existing docs
  3. Getting some additional doc perspective
  4. Reading our contributor guide

Well prepared proposals from capable technical writers have a good chance of getting selected. We consider proposals for all skill levels ranging from simple to crazy hard and everything in between. Introduce yourself via chat (preferred) or via e-mail, and we'll help you plan a project right for you.

Remember that project descriptions are just rough ideas. You must expand with considerably more detail. Change the goals to fit your experience and interests.

Technologies Difficulty Contacts
Write an Introduction to BRL-CAD: TBD. Docbook XML Easy morrison, rossberg
Organize all existing BRL-CAD documentation: TBD. Mediawiki, Docbook XML, Subversion Medium morrison, rossberg
Write a BRL-CAD Primitives manual: TBD. Docbook XML, Subversion, C/C++ Hard morrison, rossberg