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Before this year's Google Code-In begins, there are several things that students should do to become familiar with BRL-CAD development. Below is a checklist of things each student should know. Some items on the checklist should occur during the application process while others need to occur before it's time to start coding.

TO APPLY[edit]

  1. GCI is open for individual students who are at least thirteen (13) years of age and no older than seventeen (17) years of age before the contest begins who are currently enrolled in a pre-university, high school or secondary school program.
  2. See contest rules at Google Melange.
  3. After clearing the eligibility criteria by Google, you can select and work on tasks.
  4. Review our GCI Tasks in 2014.
  5. Choose any task from list of open tasks.
  6. Claim the task.
  7. A mentor will assign you the task.


  1. After assigning, you have to finish the task within the specified period
  2. If you got any problem, you can take help from mentors by leaving comment on page of task.
    1. You can also discuss problem on #brlcad IRC channel or brlcad-devel mailing list
  3. If you have selected wrong task (that you cannot complete within time) you can leave it anytime and select another one.
  4. If you finished work of task within time, you have to mark the task ready for review.
  5. Then mentors will review your work.
  6. Now mentor will decide your task is completed or not. If not then you have to rework on that.
  7. In case you want more time to complete task then ask for more time.
  8. When mentors feel that you have finished your task. they will close it and then you can select new task.