Google Code In/2014

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Google Code-in is a contest run by Google with a goal of encouraging young (13 to 17 years old) students to contribute to open source. Since 2010, Google Code-in has been introducing pre-university students from around the globe to various open source communities.


  • Go to our Google Code-in wiki page, read carefully the CHECKLIST that you need to follow before working for BRL-CAD
  • BRL-CAD will create a list of tasks for students to work upon. Each task will have a mentor associated with it.
  • A student picks a task from the list and he/she is assigned a deadline.
    • While a task is claimed no other student can work on that task.
  • After completion of task it's ready to be reviewed by mentor.
  • Based on the performance of the student mentor may approve, disapprove or extend the deadline for the task.

BRL-CAD is one of the 12 selected communities in the year 2014. In addition to BRL-CAD (a 3D solid modeling system), other participating organizations include Apertium, Copyleft-Games-group, Drupal, FOSSASIA, Haiku, KDE, Mifos, OpenMRS, Sahana Software Foundation, Sugar Labs, Wikimedia Foundation. We have been participating in Google Code In since 2012. This is the third consecutive year, BRLCAD is accepted as a mentoring organization.