Google Code In/2014

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Google Code-in is a contest run by Google with a goal of encouraging young (13 to 17 years old) students to contribute to open source. Since 2010, Google Code-in has been introducing pre-university students from around the globe to various open source communities.


  • Go to our Google Code-in wiki page, read carefully the CHECKLIST that you need to follow before working for BRL-CAD
  • BRL-CAD will create a list of tasks for students to work upon. Each task will have a mentor associated with it.
  • A student picks a task from the list and he/she is assigned a deadline.
    • While a task is claimed no other student can work on that task.
  • After completion of task it's ready to be reviewed by mentor.
  • Based on the performance of the student mentor may approve, disapprove or extend the deadline for the task.

BRL-CAD is one of the 12 selected communities in the year 2014. We have been participating in Google Code In since 2012. This is the third consecutive year, BRLCAD is accepted as a mentoring organization.